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EnergoNefteHim LLC Co. is organized and works successfully on Belarusian market since November 2004.

We are a private company, whose collective investment fund is shared between two founders: Vitali Begunov - 70% and Sergei Zhukov - 30%.

The main purpose of establishing the company - wholesale trade, i.e. delivery of the process equipment and accompanying materials for the industrial enterprises of Republic of Belarus.

The profile directions of activity - delivery of equipment for chemical, petrochemical industry, energy, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and food industry.

EnergoNefteHim LLC Co. has trade and dealers agreements with a number of Russian and foreign enterprises-manufacturers, represents their interests, carries out a search of potential consumers of their production, participates in the tenders, carries on negotiations and concludes transactions as the official dealer or the official representative of manufacturers.

The general list of delivered production:

The power equipment and designing for thermal power station, the atomic power station:
  • Boilers (water-heating and steam, utilizers, burning of wood waste);
  • Boiler-auxiliary equipment.
Electro generating equipment:
  • Steam-turbine, gas-turbine, combined-cycled plant;
  • Gas-plunger aggregates;
  • Diesel engines and power stations.
Electrotechnical equipment:
  • Electric motors;
  • Generators, turbo generators, wind-powered generator;
  • Transformers;
  • Reactors and other electrical products.
Electrolytic cell equipment.
Spare parts for the whole range of supplied equipment.
The process equipment for chemical and petrochemical industry.
Road technics, semitrailer for transportation of mineral oil, cement, etc.
Pumps and the pump equipment.
Locking and regulating and pipeline fittings; Lifting appliance:
  • Bridge pendant and basic cranes;
  • Column crane;
  • Automotive-type crane of a heavy-lift capacity.
Tank-wagons and carriages;
The equipment and designing in the field of industrial ventilation, environment control system and fire protection.
Compressor and compressor equipment.
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